Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android

10/10 2016 Our new app Cosmos Music Visualizer is released. A voyage through cosmos where music is visualized by stars and nebulas.

16/6 2016 Our new app Fractal Tunnels is released . Feel the fractals come alive inside the tunnels. Then experience them pulsate and change colors when they synchronize with your music.

16/6 2016 Morphing Galaxy is reviewed in Appliv!

1/6 2016 Ascent to transcendence is reviewed in Appliv.

21/5 2016 Our new app Crystal Tunnels is released. Travel into the deep crystal caves of the underground, where a strobe light is pulsating on the crystals and creating colorful patterns.

20/5 2016 Hypnotic Pulsator is reviewed in Appliv.

We produce music visualizers, Live wallpapers and space flight simulators. Our mission is to take you to infinity and beyond. You can travel through space and time with our apps.

With the expression of so many colors and patterns, our apps stimulates thought and relaxation in a really cool way. You can use them to meditate and relax anytime you want. This provides benefits for your mind, body and overall well-being.

Our apps have been downloaded over 6 million times. They are produced by Eyvind Almqvist and his team.

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