Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android

12/6 2018 Lots of new 3D-worlds are added to Alien worlds music visualizer .

2/1 2018 Our new app Mystic nature music visualizer is released.

13/10 2017 Our new app Nebula music visualizer is released. Visit the cosmic places of creation, where stars are born!

6/5 2017 Our new app Tunnel 5D Journey is released. Connect with the infinite energy of the tunnels. Enhance the journey with the colorful music visualizer!

23/1 2017 Trance 5D Music Visualizer is released. Develop your light body, so you can experience more dimensions and degrees of freedom.

The Android version of Astral effects is an enhanced and optimized version of our best selling Java app Astral effects. . It is a visual stimulation tool with a collection of hypnotic animations and eye candy. It includes visual effects like Space Warper , Hypnotic Mandala and Digital Lotus. All these are also available as live wallpapers. The full version of Astral effects has been #1 on SonyEricsson's sales chart and the trial version has been downloaded 800 000 times.

The benefits of using Astral effects

90 percent of our total energy is utilized by mind in constant thoughts. It is said that if you can free your mind from all thoughts just for 5 minutes in 24 hours, you will gain much energy for remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes. This means that your physical and mental energy battery will be fully recharged by a short meditation, just 5 minutes of thoughtless state of mind. Astral effects is highly helpful in achieving a thoughtless state of mind. You can refresh your mental and physical energy by concentrating on any of the effects. A tool available in your mobile serves better purpose as it is much more convenient and easy than laptop or pc.

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