Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android
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Travel the galaxy, experience endless star fields and encounters with aliens! This is a collection of 12 space related 3D visuals, which link to the full-experience Live Wallpapers. These can be downloaded for free from this app. Take a breathtaking 3D ride on your way to meet with extraterrestrials, then soar at light speed through majestic spiral galaxies and nebulas!

Visualisations of morphing galaxies with ever changing star formations are included. These animations are inspired by formulas and patterns from galaxy formations. View the galaxies as they shift, morph, collapse and expand. A visualization of a gamma ray burst is also included. These are the brightest and most powerful events in the universe, emitting flashes of rays from extremely energetic explosions in distant galaxies.

With incredible 3D effects that will have you submerged in the mysteries of the cosmos, the Cosmic Experience app has been designed with hypnotic and mind elevating visuals, ideal for meditation. It is possible to meditate and free the mind from all thoughts by concentrating on any of the visual effects. With the touch of a button, you’ll be transported into deep space. From the 3D app, you can also change the speed of your voyage through space simply by touching the upper and lower parts of the screen. The associated live wallpapers provide ultimate control, allowing you to alter the color, size and brightness of the stars, the backgrounds and much more.

From the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll be drawn in by the mesmerizing visuals as you are taken on a fantastical journey through space and time from wherever you are: work, home or even travelling.

The visual effects are randomly generated, which means that every time the app and the live wallpapers are used, the effects seen will be different. With a display of galactic energy and space matter, this will take you into a world of the unknown.

Contact us here! We are looking for sponsors or companies or artists who want to cooperate. Maybe you have a radio, streaming, DJ, music instrument or music player app? Maybe you need a visualization for your music project or your app?